Impactful training workshops for your organization. Our workshops can help your team:

  • Learn impactful sales techniques designed to immediately increase performance

  • Teach and practice soft skills with staff members who may be transitioning into a sales / customer success position (i.e. engineering to sales).

  • Polish and hone your sales pitch, slide deck, or presentation.

  • Train new sales staff (or refresh your sales executives) on best practices and core sales methods.

Sales Pitch Audit

Unbiased Review of Your Sales Staff's Presentation Abilities

How well does your sales and marketing team present? How convincing are your demos? Our team listens and evaluates your pitch via Zoom or in person. We evaluate and critique your material from the perspective of a buyer and provide valuable insight and suggestions on how you can improve your presentation to get results!

  • Evaluate the skills of your existing sales team
  • Provide construction and unbiased feedback from a third-party (avoid internal dram)
  • Screen candidates based on their presentation abilities
  • Discover flaws in your organizations presentation / language

Interactive Workshops

Interactive Training Workshops

with Actionable Takeaways

Ideal for a conference or dedicated training session. Our team provides stories and examples, then engages your group by having them participate in the session. Participants use their own content and practice with our team on sales journey. During the workshops, participants will gain valuable insight and practice...

  • First Impressions and Soft Skills
  • Persuasion and the Buyers Journey
  • Likability Skills
  • How to Prepare a Winning Presentation
  • How to Deliver a Winning Presentation

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